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Thread: Server 1409 - Peaceful Server SVS KE Only

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    Server 1409 - Peaceful Server SVS KE Only

    ava alliance is looking to recruit new players to the server and especially the alliance.

    Looking for members new or old that are willing to follow rules, and work as a team.

    Veteran players are welcome to switch servers and apply. We also need veterans who are willing to help protect, teach and assist new members grow.

    We are currently in Top 10 group, recently knocked down to top 6, due to current top 5 scaring others to merge with them. So, we need new members to help us get back into the top 5.

    We have an Alliance City Level 2, Warehouse, and alliance resource tile.

    We are Server versus Server eligible, for anyone interested in Kill Events.

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    Sorry, I always saw the migrate server option and someone mentioned in global to another player to switch servers if they didn't like rules (no resource tile hitting during non Server Vs Server event)

    I believe if you want to switch it is less than 3 days and before you reach level 6 Keep.

    Any new players are welcome to migrate over. We only ask that you change name from default and move to the Alliance City.

    Sorry, I have not updated or replied. i forgot to bookmark page and had problems finding correct forum (I also get distracted easily... ooh new YouTube video? &#128518

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