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Thread: T15 less strong than T14?

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    T15 less strong than T14?

    Here is the context. I have a march size of 3m troops. Until today, I had a full march of T14 cavaleries. I could do Vikings Hell until lv38 without wounded and then about 6-8k wounded for a few extra levels.

    I spent quite some $$$, to upgrade my buildings and train T15 cavaleries. I just got a full march today with the troop training event. Woot woot.

    So I was expecting to progress much further in the Hell Vikings. Sadly, I can do only do lv39 without wounded and then 11k wounded the next few levels.

    I would like to understand how this works. My march power was 391m with T14 increased to 520m with T15. But I take more wounded with T15 than with my T14.....

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