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Thread: Please Read First.

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    The app crash every 10 minutes, since the last update. I opened two tickets and haven’t the answer, this problem occurs in the last five days. ID 13929130

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    Hi evony
    Is there anyway I can have a conversation with a developer in private as a mistake has been made and I would like to discuss what options we have

    Thank you

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    All player. Please understand that you pay does not mean you will get 100% for the general. Pay mean u stand higher chance to get the general. That all. If you don't get it, please pay more.

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    Hello James, I need your help. I was trying to get into my account that is linked by gmail and Im unable to get in. Customer Service has been no help otjer than to tell me to reset my password to my email which I had already done, and I had already uninstalled the game, and restarted my phone. What is happening is when I go to switch accounts I get a pop up telling me that my account is linked. Well of course its linked it has been for years. It acts like the switch account button and link account button is :crossed".I dont have a lot of time before I loose my bubble, and I loose my RSS that Ive been saving. James I teally need your help My user name is FckinP£GASUS ID#15690377

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    Help pls

    Hello . Help please restore your account. The gadget is broken, and I can’t log into my account. help me please

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    Please Read First

    I have since figured out how to get it working, my only problem now is the sleeve ive bought has broken open twoards the back and is kinda crumbling near the opening

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    Help me please l can't login to my account

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    Olá Boa tarde este jogo é muito interessante mas tem muitos problemas de bugg que precisa ser resolvido e quero dizer que estou chateado pois não recebi meu herói lendário espero que vcs vejam o que aconteceu pois estou gostando de jogar este jogo do falta vcs resolverem os problemas e melhorar a performance do jogo está resistência vcs perdem de ganhar mais Dinheiro por iate item que tira muitos jogadores que estariam ONLINE por não ter está resistência que digo não ajuda em nada por que digo isto jogo Lord mobilis e não tem isto é tem milhões que jogam pense misto estou a disposição e aguardo meu HERÓI lendário
    Att Carlos Eduardo Rosa

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    I think I lost my account on evony
    I accidentally logged out of it and registered another account on my there any way to get it back?

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    Cannot load mobile app!

    My mobile app keeps kicking me out and does not load? Please Help!!!!
    Username is Diva’s
    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post
    Dear Lords
    Please feel free to ask any questions about Evony Mobile. And if you met any problems in the game and would like to report it here, please let us your ACCOUNT ID in your post. Sometimes a screenshot would be of a great help.

    And please also feel free to ask questions on how to use the forum or give suggestions to the forum. And we will update this post. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Please Read First

    Hello guys i started 2 days ago an server on freegamehosting but i want to upload codjumper on it but i really dont know how to do that can anyone help me please??

    thankyou already


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    I lost my account...
    Luckily I have my Account ID, name and server number.
    25775981 is the ID, the account name is Zeus and the server number is 146.
    I made a new account, for now, 35675092.
    I had linked my account to my google play but I think I linked my Zeus accounts email to another account and now I can't access my Zeus account. I have put a lot of work in my account and would really hate to lose all that progress. So if anyone can help me get my account back that would be great.

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    I was unable to log in today for a short period. Once the game loaded my main account was gone. I can see it in the server but I have no access to it. I tried to submit a ticket but it requires you to choose your word and there are no options to choose from. I sent an email to admin but have not received a response. Please advise as to how I can regain access. I had the account linked but that no longer works either. My is is 27945599 and I use an iphone

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