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Thread: Please Read First.

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    Showing loading only on my mobile device, will work when I get home on WiFi. I can use other apps on my phone but not this one. Is there a bug in the newest update? Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Mất liên kết tài khoản Facebook
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    Срочно! Потеря аккаунта

    Привет. Что делать? игра удалилась, а свой аккаунт я не привязала

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    Mi cuenta se perdió por un error de vinculación en FB como la puedo recuperar mi ID es 77104702 del servidor 470 nombre B∆L@M🐆 estaba vinculada a mi correo quien puede ayudarme

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    Hi, I need a help on how to get my account back that is been linked on facebook, it's been 2 days that I can't open it and it just said "linked" but it can't open. Please help coz SVS is coming. ID :30295492

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    Username: KrakenKiller

    Hi I get a network error everytime I try to claim a chest or join a battle or try to attack a monster. Can't explore, can't gather.....all results in network error.

    I can work on my city and perform upgrades......and collect city production.

    but I essentially can't play the game at all
    Tried reseting my phone
    Tried clear data and cache
    and tried reinstalling the game

    I have money in the game.......and my time that I invested.....Please Help!

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    Hola, necesito ayuda. Soy la líder de una alianza pero quiero cederle el puesto a alguien ¿Como puedo hacer?

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    Unable to hunt due to content malfunctioning

    Monarch ID 99479654..
    The land is empty of resources or takes a long time to show the resources that are contained. I have installed all updates and restated my device. Yet the problem continues. Please help... it is frustrating to play a game that doesn't want to work properly.

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    Tôi đă mất liên kết với tài khoản của ḿnh và muốn lấy lại. Xin hăy giúp tôi lấy lại tài khoản nếu có thể. ID:144606565, sever 790. Email: Cám ơn Admin!

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