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Thread: Please Read First.

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    I also have the same issue as Doom Train. I spent the money to get the Jester General, opened everything, but no Jester General is present on my game. I have contacted customer service, with no helpful responses. Please take care of this issue.
    My ID is 15178155

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    I'm trying to get someone to help me. I've been trying for 12 days to get a support member to help me. Please respond.

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    Castelos acima do nível 5 não podem sair do servidor que esta.

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    Why does the siege machine show 44 load when it should be 82!?
    Sever 25

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    Help please I am not able to buy The weekend Deal!
    My Game Keeps Freezing!
    Screen name: JBeauti
    Account ID:12354753

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    Accidentally overwrote my server 45 account please help

    I have a account on server 39 and 45 I just somehow overwrote my account on server 45 is there anyway I can retrieve it please and thanks. I have accounts IDs Google transaction IDs everything possible. Number 1 account on server 45 and do not want to lose my time investment or more time back charging what I spent as it said I could switch back and forth without a problem

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    I bought an account and I dont know how to get in. It is linked to FB. I have all of the login info. Just need some direction on what to do

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    I change my phone and i lost the account it started from level 1 my name is lord⭐️

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    Reported an issue with account three and a half days ago through customer service link, is there a faster resolution time through forums?
    Unlinked account by accident. So, as you imagine, completely destroyed. Complete loss on events and purchase incentives. Beginning to lose faith in customer service. Please advise.

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    Hi James I have accidentally deleted my acount trying to link another account please can you help me to recover my city? Old ID 15399650 new ID15762600
    Thanks Henk

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    Id Jenna Favor server 32.
    Constant disconnect icon, lag and game shutting down. Have restrted phone, cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled game multiple times. Customer service has not been helpful only telling me to restart game. Due to these issues I cannot farm, do bounty quests, attack or even go from map to city and back. Also city graphics load improperly on return to city. I have put $ into this game but it has become unplayable. Please help.

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    Can you pls look at my post lost account . I don't know how u go about sorting them out but there has been several people that posted after me and got there's answered and my post hasn't even been viewed . Thx Emeraldeath .

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    Got a new phone can't access old account which was capricafalls, now my id is 16230571

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