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Thread: Please Read First.

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    My account 16315554

    I have replied to a request of a screenshot and my ID 3 days ago and still no reply from you all. I need my account recovered after accidently deleting it. Please read your in game messages as I have spent so much money on this TigerClaws ID.

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    I have BEGGED in game support to help me recover TigerClaws acxount ID # 16315554. I have provided screenshots in game, receipts and my ID . My main account TigerClaws was accidently synced over. The ID I am using now is 17360706. I need that deleted and my TigerClaws account back. This is on server 62. I have left SEVERAL in game support messages and nothing. I have soent over $700 on my account and need this back please

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    Sooo support said they restored my account.. how do i log into it??? Its not aynced or anything so please explain how i go about doing this

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    Game initialization ID 17360645 deleted after update

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    Game initialization ID 17360645 has been deleted after update.Please help me.

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    Почему мне не возвращают город?

    После обновления игры не мог зайти в игру когда зашол пришлось создать новый город!тех помощь сказали через 2 дня вернут но прошло 3 и город так и не вернули!

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    account unlinked and lost all rss and troops after update.

    Please help me get account back. It is Lord name waxter ID: 16402231. The account I'm on is waxhead ID: 16402854

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    account unlinked and lost all rss and troops after update.

    Waxter Please help me get account back. It is Lord name waxter ID: 16402231. The account I'm on is monarch17857773 ID:17857773.
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    Please enable the screenshots feature -- it is not available in Mobile web view

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    My id is 17188208 locked out cant get on my account support has ignored me for a week I'm a regular spender but thats gonna come to an end if no one helps me and stops ignoring me I tried to link to my Google play and now my account is unsecured you need tonfix this asap

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    I would like to report that many in my alliance are experiencing delays in Customer Support response ranging from 1.5 to 4 days. I don't believe a single person has seen a shorter delay, even for a simple Customer Support question or issue. Please fix this.

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    For some reason I'm not allowed to post in the forum even though I have many times in the past. I forgot to link my account so I have lost itThat account is 17752992 Cognito You can exchange it for sir renegade 17009996. Please make this happen ASAP last time I lost ressources and troops.

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    Are the developers listening to this issue that is happening game wide. I have view threads and nothing from them. I CANT LOG IN. Your new update is flawed and i stand to lose my investment. We are in the kill event. If i get attacked, we have a big problem. Please get this sorted as i know many players are effected.

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    What is going on with the Android update? When will this be released? I have been trying to get on for over 6 hours and nothing.... i have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and only get the "Checking new updates" in the load bar. my bubble has long been dropped... is CS going to roll the servers back? the current release i show is 2.154665-54602

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