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Thread: Please Read First.

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    Hi i can not get the app to load not aure if anyone else is having this problem uninstalled and reinstalled it

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    Fix my account or i post this on every thread Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spreadsheet from Evony.jpg 
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ID:	1114

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    I am still locked out of my main account SIRWALLEY, I'M IN SERVER 8. No reply from evony in almost 3 days.

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    This is going on the 5th day I've been locked out of my account with out hearing back from evony. Someone could at least respond.

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    Finally got game reinstated after being locked out for 5 days. Lost all troops and all rescourse.

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    lClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	1142Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_8679-11-04-18-10-51.jpg 
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ID:	1143обрый день!
    мою учетную запись заблокировали, написано обратитесь в поддержку для разблокировки.
    Помогите пожалуста

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    Good afternoon! Please unblock my account, I play the game is almost 2 years, and without it, my life became grey and dull. I realize the error and continue to be very attentive. in honor of punishment can buy Packages for 100 dollars without loading equipment and just cancel the gems from the Board. I beg to understand and forgive

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    Meu celular foi roubado perdi acesso e não tenho mais o email por favor me ajudar uma conta muito dinheiro investido
    Conta com antiga ID17246016
    Nova conta para vincular ID 21085852

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    Meu celular foi roubado perdi acesso e não tenho mais o email por favor me ajudar uma conta muito dinheiro investido
    Conta com a ID antiga ID17246016
    Nova conta para vincular ID 21085852

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    James 0222

    Porfavor ayudame con el juego de Evony

    Estoy en servidor 22

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    A player on server 101 managed to teleport with troops reinforcing him, because of this, I lost a month of progress.

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    22670081 got banned for buying with money can I have a full refund of every penny I spent evony? Or can u unban my acct please I have broken none of the hack cheat rules

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    Hola, me gustaría saber si hay nerft o no para las tropas, para maximizar la defensa. Me gustaría conseguir capturar generales y heridos y muertos míos = 0. Es posible?

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    Customer Support has not responded to me in game for 15 days now.

    Account number: 12943683

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    A lot of people are having issues logging into there account due to the current updates... I have 3 accounts in 3 different server's and because I don't have enough memory in my device to download the new updates and so I can't open 2 of my 3 accounts and I'm sure I've been zeroed by now with a current lv 27 and 28 keep in the 2 servers and 60+million power each.. After spending over $2000 to build all 3 accounts... I suppose I just got screwed out of my money... They have fixed this issue with the past few updates before the loss of my sheild but not this time... My oppion don't spend money on this game you will only regret it when they screw you out of your hard work... Bloodlust 425, bloodlust 440 and general42501

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