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Thread: Development Journal

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    I want to have this fantastic writing skill. I don't think there are many people who have this talent, but I found a jewel. You are the best diamond.메이저토토사이트

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    I can't log into the game when it finishes loading it opens and immediately shuts down, it doesn't allow me to do anything. What can I do, I have downloaded it to another phone and for the same reason it turns off ... it cannot be accessed

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    Good night. I peri my account was on the server 331 in the PIP alliance with the name MARISA C M AND WITH THE ID 109320864. I'D like to know HOW I can play that account again. My email is the with the best regards

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    Desculpa se estou postando no lugar errado, mas gostaria de saber até quando seguirá o teste beta do general assistente. Obrigado

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    Nice development
    Change something if possible upgrade fetcher
    Lv 1 to Lv11
    Lv12 to Lv 15
    Lv16 to Lv19 etc are able to attack each other but don't able to attack Lv 19 vs Lv 15 or low level then all people play in free mind and your publicity higher after fetcher

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