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Thread: Battle Mechanics

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    Battle Mechanics

    Can someone please share some info on battle mechanics? The game provides no insight on this,

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    Dear liege,
    When you have a battle you will know it from the battle report. Thanks.
    Please let us know clearly about which part you want to know.
    Best Regards,
    Evony Support

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    I see the battle report. I want to know how the different aspects of troops interact. What affect does range have? What causes your troops to be wounded vs killed. What causes a general to be killed. Does upkeep of troops mean food required to sustain? Do troops die if there is no food? In a battle, in what order do they fight? Do defenses take out troops before troops defend? Do archer towers and defenses have an hp? What do leadership and politics do for a general? How do general aspects and levels affect gameplay and army? Where in the battle report do those things get explained? Nowhere does it explain any of this.
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    Great questions. I have no idea why evony even wasted time putting up a forum. Serious players are used to forums being the place they learn the intricacies of a game. Here, you wait for days for an answer just to be told to go play the game. I'm hoping that some of the better players will create guides and answer excellent questions like yours. I don't think anyone on evony's payroll will take the time to give any answers other than "go play and figure it out". Defeats the purpose of a forum.

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    Apparently, we don't even get that anymore. Now, we just get ignored. You'd think they'd be able to afford proper support with the money being pumped into this app. They're going to find quickly that it is more expensive to not provide adequate support when people start getting refunds for the lack of service.

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    I might be able to answer some of the questions in your last edit. Bare with me because I am just figuring it out as I go.

    Walls: The walls themselves have HP. They also have a def value and trap capacity. Those are all increased by leveling and research.
    Traps: Traps for the walls have no HP or def. They have att and range.
    Archer Towers: Do not appear to have HP. Looks like they just add to the att of wall.
    Battle mechanics: This will take someone smarter than I am to figure out. Hopefully, someone will come along.

    You can appoint them as mayor of sub cities. When mayor:
    Leadership = training speed
    Politics = gold & construction speed
    When a general leads a march:
    Leadership = troop hp & march speed
    Politics = rss gathering speed
    Attack = attack
    Defense = defense
    I don't know how they die or are captured. Or what's involved after either.

    I assume that upkeep is how much food is consumed. I assume that the reserve amount in the warehouse is how much they are not allowed to touch. But what happens when you reach that amount, I don't know.

    Hopefully someone will come here and add to my answer and correct anything I have wrong.

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    Thanks for the info. I think the devs should start paying you since you're obviously more of a help than James.

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    In all honesty, James is probably overwhelmed if he is the only mod for this forum. I was probably too hard on him (a couple of times). The problem is that none of the players are contributing to this forum. What the evony crew should do is offer in game incentives to players that contribute in some worthwhile capacity to the forum. The people with all the knowledge have no reason to come here and offer any insight as things are now. Hopefully, some will. Just like what you see in the age 1 forum.

    In the meantime, I'm glad I could help a little. Happy Hunting!!!

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