Are there any guides out there on how these work? I can't seem to find any information at all regarding them. I'm interested in how the combat system works. I'm assuming it's similar to Age I and Age II.

1) Monsters. How does the combat here work? The report only shows me what I've won and what I've lost. I've no idea what I've gone up against. What troops are Robbers weak to? What can I safely clear Goblins with? How do their stats compare as they increase in level? Should I be sending layers or just one troop type?

2) Bosses. Mostly the same as above. I'm told I have an "extremely low" chance to win, BEFORE I even select my troops. Do troops matter? Is it all linear, health, damage, range, speed? Are there rounds, or does everybody start off in battle and attack whoever's closest? Do they fully regen after 1 wave, or can I weaken them first?

3) Cities. Can we farm them? What do I need to kill certain types of troops? I have 55k power and that city has 65k power, yet my chances of winning are "extremely low" before I select my troops. How can I beat them? Is there a loyalty system, or do I acquire them by winning the fight?

I'm also curious about archer towers. Their attack is 60,000. What does that mean? They've proven largely useless in fights against equal armies.

There is a lot of information available in game, but I'm curious about the mechanics of the game so I can more efficiently fight the enemy.