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Thread: Event: Enemy Killing. What’s your best record?

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    Post Event: Enemy Killing. What’s your best record?

    Enemy Killing. What’s your best record?

    The enemy killing competition has been going for weeks now. What’s the best killing record you have achieved in one battle? Now it’s time to show off!!! Take screenshots of that battle report and post here to win the prize!

    The contest is open until Wednesday the 26th of October. Once the contest is over, Staff will pick our 10 favorites. These will be posted on the forum for voting.
    The top 3 will win gem rewards and a great General!


    1. All posters must be submitted on this thread. Posters on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels will not be considered.
    2. One entry per person.
    3. Real battle report only! No pictures by Photoshop!!
    4. Please take one screenshot of the overall battle result; screenshots of Attacker and Defender troops’ details in the Battle Details page.
    5. Entries close on October 24th.
    6. Do not reserve posts, and stay on topic.


    • 1st place: 30,000 gems and 1 Epic Historical General
    • 2nd place: 20,000 gems and 1 Legendary Historical General
    • 3rd place: 10,000 gems and 1 Legendary General

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    I don't get it. They said come to forum and get rewards .
    Here I am and got jackshit !

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    Hello, I am writing to do with my name, thank you Kutay message

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    Best hit I've had.

    Not a big player, but a big time hit!
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    You said in the message server 3 Kutayna taken to forum?
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    Azura - Server 8
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    How many hours will be the KE?

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    моя атака
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    N3STO server4
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    My best hit against #1 alliance in server 9 at time

    Mr_nagrfoot (NWO) server9
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    Enemy killing compatition

    to your message, you did us a precious stone, and pulled.

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    Fun times

    Keia here for fems and historical generals

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    Same here. Came and got nothing.

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    my phone dont do screen shots so guess im out. but message did say come here to get so think we should get something for the visit as the message says

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