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Thread: Event: Enemy Killing. What’s your best record?

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    Yes they did say that and I to got nothing. Same old trick. Look at the above poster and see what else you have to do. Also only THREE can win. Boo Hiss Boo ;(

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    My best report is this defence but I think I did well
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    At game Evony sent a message to join this link and we will win skme rewards. So i joined it and i didnt win nothing. Im waiting the historic general and the gems.

    At the message Evony already sent to ua dont have nothing talkinf it is a competition.

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    How do we vote when we cant see images......

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    Rally on Odin
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    When someone bigger than you attacks and you eat their march

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    Solo hit on Maxx
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    your mail recived .
    but.idonnt understand How is it .
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    Cannot click on any of the posted images, says do not have privileges...

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    Small, but for my rank it was a big deal.
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