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Thread: Help Make Evony's Localization Better

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    OlŠ todos do jogo …bano meu nome ť Carlos moro na cidade de Porto Alegre Brasil estou jogando a cerca de 40 dias mais ou menos e o meu servidor ť o 242.

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    I can help with this langue for the game. + Lithuanian s one of leading countries on spending time for gaming but we dsnt have anymore massive game for our players to offer so I can be usual for marketing in that country to.Kodi nox
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    Hello I have for gotten my Evony Account it is Lord Virgo

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    Hello evony forum...I have some complaint about gaming
    1.We who use to play without investing money...its too tough to get those dragon egg from all star battlefield... Please do something we all do wanna taste all flavor of can this be possible if you guys set too tough challange to get those egg...if you guys can do something...please we are looking forword to your decision
    2.translation is too worst...please do something to upgrade translator..
    3.please do some interesting quest for us...low level players to grow fast.
    Server 397

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    I can help with Japanese. My ID: 44109530

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    I could possibly help with some German
    ID: 124397141

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    I need everyone to join my alliance called [KnT]Knightz if anyone sees this please do so

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    ID: 124099867
    There must be a colloquial translation for each country, because not all players type in the standard language, maybe fellow countries can understand but if they communicate in different languages, translator errors often occur. I think, just need to add a non-standard (non-formal) translation.

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    Akun saya hilang server 478 aliansi 555 alfhakingdom Lv26

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    Help me..saya telah kehilangan akun saya yang sudah saya lama bangun..tolong bantu saya untuk mengembalikan data akun saya..login akun facebook atas nama banjoo din dino dengan akun kota reganvaldo..tolong kembalikan akun saya

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    Akun server 598 atas nama reganvaldo tolong dipulihkan kembali..tolong

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    They not doing anything so Iíll be doing a video of this unethical and unfair deal we got in server 133. One going be max and the other one will be with MR Solis of Xbox twitch and YouTube. Video will be posted in App Store in rating and in all stars in Facebook game circles and in other game circles. Iíll not be coining for next two months and I ask other people join me and not coin at all in server 133 until they fix the injustice they have done to us.

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    40000% is our server.80000% other servers.they got it none stop while we only had 5 coupons do anyone think this is ethical of Evony return of the kings?.

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    Unethical and unfair

    Server 133 got 40000% packs for holidays but with only 5 coupons while other server got 80000% packs none stop this unfairness and injustice has been screenshots and given admin and yet they stand behind decision to take our money and not give us 80000% for every purchase not just 5. I have ask friends and colleagues in server 133 to stop coining for 2 months until they compensate by giving us the purchases packs that didnít get 80000% like some other servers. I have report them to better business bureau on ethical basis. Iíll be making videos with twitch and you tuber mrsolis to show screen shoots . I ask for support against unethical game experience weíve been suffering from in server 133 thatís how come our growth is not as high as some of the other servers.

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    French issue

    The language:French
    Your Player ID number in the game: 130332668
    What is the text exactly in the game: {Pseudo} vous a aider ŗ faire les soins.
    What the text you think should be: {Pseudo} vous a aidť ŗ faire les soins.

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