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Thread: Account recovery issues

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    Account retrieval

    Somehow my farm account has gotten linked to my Facebook and Google account so I cannot log into my main account I have requested assistance but so far none has been given this account is large and means alot to me please any assistance will be greatly appreciated

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    I recently got a new phone and lost all my evony account information and can't get on! My name in game is Cougs2023 I'm on server 921 and in AFO! I need back on before KE so I can bubble Please help!!!
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    I have also lost my account.....can anyone help😭😭😭

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    I tried to link and deleted the wrong account

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    Name: Raptor69!
    ID: 229463293
    Server: 46+8
    I just started playing on pc and i get now error that you have been disconnected. Please help me out here. The account is not linked.

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    So I saved my account by linking it to google play and Facebook, and I just downloaded it on my pc through the microsoft store. I have bought alot of packages and whatnot to build this account and being able to play it on a bigger screen would be really cool, but I can't figure out how to log into my account from my pc. It does not give me the option of switching accounts on the pc like it does on the phone. Is there any fix for this?

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    Need help to restore my Evony The Kings Return. Tried to log in today and it said "You've been disconnected because someone login with your account. Please make sure your account is safe"

    It then gives you the option to QUIT or RESTART. When I click on restart it tries to connect but keeps hanging for extended period.

    How I can retrieve my account?

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    After updating the game I was given a new beginner's account then through Google link, by mistake I cancelled my original game acc and saved the beginners one.
    Server 955
    Alliance Unity
    Player's name "KOKO PURGE"
    Keep lvl 31

    New account name "new KOKO", and in same alliance.

    Thank you

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    While trying to switch devices, I unlinked my account from Facebook and can’t get it back.
    My server is 313, account number is 44215166 and account name is WineBubbles. It is still linked in Facebook, but doesn’t link when I log into Evony. I only seem to be linked to my Google Play account. It will not let me link my Facebook account to my old Evony account.

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    Steps To Recover The Evonys Account

    Here are all the steps that you can use to recover your account and make sure that the information that you provide is correct.

    You have to visit the support page for this.
    Now open a new ticket. And in this mention all the details of the account and your problem about why you are not getting back to your account.
    The Evony team will send you an email for the confirmation of your account.
    After confirming the account. You can change the account password with that ticket also.
    This is the process to get your account back. If you have the right information then this process is easy for you. And if you do not have the information then you have to face problems.

    Like doing verification several times and all. But it is not impossible to get the account back. So all you need to have is some patience for this.

    This is Sitecorechina, feel free to leave messages.

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    There is some information that needs to require for the account recovery for Evony.
    So before starting the recovery process make sure that you collect all these things. The list of these things is as follows:
    1. Your usernames
    2. The email address associated with the account.
    3. Some documents for verification.
    4. A stable internet connection.
    As a Sitecore developer, prepare all these in advance. And then you will be good to go for the account recovery.

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