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    being a bit newer than most, i am unaware of what it takes to defeat bosses. lvl1 is still giving me issues. any suggestions on techs needed ( research ) and troops. mostly i send out about 25k troops with one hour of attk added for 10% buff for attack. the troops i use are basically any lvl 1 - 3 that all 4 barracks can produce. warriors conscripts onagers hussars for example and similar.

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    I'm new as well, only a few days in but I'm noticing that entire alliances are converging onto bosses so it must be a group event where you rally together for a larger loot.

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    Most bosses are beaten with rallies. lvl1 bosses can't be rallied against so must be taken individually. I am fairly new also and wasn't able to beat lvl1 bosses easily until we able to train teir 4 troops and had a good attack general to lead. I've also learned that siege machines are very ineffective on bosses and monsters so I use mounted troops mostly for lower losses and better win chance. I hope this helps and happy hunting! HardHeaded 4 life!

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    I very interested in the Boss fights. a few things I have found.
    1. You need multiple guild members to win
    2. The main attacker should have high level War hall as to receive as many troops from the guild as possible.
    3. Your high level army characters seem to die first.
    4. Attacking them is much easier if you have made your guild a hive of members.

    I am still looking for information exactly what is need to beat each level of bosses. Anyone who has more information would be appreciated.

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    Bosses can be soloed and or rallied as a alliance. Your research and troop tiers determine what level bosses u can kill. Until your troops are atleast t5 troops,i,dont advise trying to,solo any bosses.

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    So my guild was able to take a level 2 boss with about 622k power gathered, but a level 3 we were beaten with 721k power gathered. This makes no sense to me because a level 3 boss only has 328k power. We doubled that and still lost. How mush power do you need to rally before you can beat the bosses. Am I missing something ? Is there a trick to it ? Or do you really need to triple the power of a boss to beat it ?
    Strength and Honor,

    The Doctor

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    You can solo lv 1 and 2 bosses with Tier 4 troops. Tier 3 you might want to get to tier 5 troops. If any of your alliance members are rallying you might as well join in on the rally for free stuff.

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    Yes I have noticed since new years some bosses I could easily solo and have... I knew the math but now losing with whole alliance rallies 4 times the power of boss we were losing

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    Okay guys there is a difference between your monarch power and marching power. Let's say you want to rally a level 5 werewolf boss which has 1.3M power. To beat the werewolf you and or your alliance must exceed 2.6M marching power to kill it. If you do not know what marching power is just before you send your troops out to gather or attack something look closely and the game will tell you your marching power.

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    King Durian

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    King, where can we find the power lvl of the boss?

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    Tap on monster than tap alliance war then tap on 5 mins as a timer and you will see the monster's power.

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    To solo bosses you need the following the beat them with the same tier troop as boss lvl. You need at least lvl 4 thunder monarch gear. You want to fight bosses with cavs only. Your research should be 10/10 for the basic cavs stuff and at least 15/20 for the advanced cavs research. Then you want to send a full march of cavs at them. With this you should be able to be a lvl 10 boss with 130,000 tier ten horses and a lvl 9 with 100,000 tier 9 horses and so on and so forth. I have my cavs research maxed out for everything and with a march of 250,000 I get 300 wounded on a lvl ten by myself. I can even solo a lvl 11 boss if I expand my march

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    Tiap kali beri perintah sinyal selalu terputus pada server 55 dan saat ini saya tiada dapat bermain

  14. #14 do not need to double bosses power. Up to boss 5 it's good to send as much power as the boss. The rally leader should have most of the power. Send mounted and all same tier. Mixed tier will cause more wounded. After boss 5 its really more about tech/monarch gear/general gear

    Rally leader should be able to solo and everyone else send 10 troops to join rally and get rewards. The general rule is, if you get under 1k wounded as rally leader you should be able to take on next boss level

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    If using cavalry with cavalry-oriented King's General gear, Thunder (cavalry) Monarch gear, and max research (not even including the new researches that came out with the December 2017 release), you can get zero wounded with a march power less than the power of the boss, when attacking boss level 9 and lower. March power size 9 million gets me only 200 wounded on boss level 10.
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