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    sub cities

    how do i get another sub city and a third when im ready? what do i have to do and/or achieve? age 1 you take a flat and make a city but cant figure it out here lol

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    Here you have to take a sub city from the map, They are labeled "NPC Subordinate City" followed by the name of the current Mayer. You need to attack it as if it were an enemy. If you win the fight it becomes a sub City. Start with a lower leveled one and it will level up under your control. Kind of an automatic thing once you have it.

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    To take a sub city first you must be keep 11 to start taking sub cities. There are NPC Sub cities around the world map and you can also steal other player's sub cities. The Sub City button when you are inside your keep will tell you how many sub cities you can have.

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    The troops that your sub city train were do the go?

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    The troops in your sub go with your marching army if there is a mayor inside the sub city. If you turn on the defend function then the sub city's troops will defend your main city and other sub cities.

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