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Thread: Level versus Level KE tiers

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    Level versus Level KE tiers

    Many lower level players struggle with this platform when larger level players smash them on a regular basis. This seems to be a problem on most servers and player retention suffers. I would like to open up a discussion based on not only protecting these smaller level players so they have the oppratuinity to grow and enjoy their game play but also to allow them to fight at the same levels as other players. There is plenty of action for all but the constant beating on smaller level players has proven to be tuff for most teams to retain newer or non spending players. Would like to hear some feedback on leveling the playing field for all.

    Server 11
    The Wolf Pack

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    Dear Liege
    Thank you for your feedback. Our developer said that completing all daily quests would give you enough gems to get enough Truce Agreements to avoid many attacks. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    I totally agree... When a lvl 25 constantly hits a lvl 15...thats just ridiculous... I stop playing for about 2 mths because if nonsense like this... That's 2 mths evony could've made more money... Plz level the playing field a bit...

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    Dear James,

    I believe you when you say the gems we can get from daily activities cover the cost of a truce. On top of my head: a 24 hr truce costs 2500 gems (?).

    However: if i wanna progress in the game, i need more gems. Like the 300 for an extra builder etc. Without those boosts I will grow a beard faster than i finish my upgrades.

    Besides that, a day covers 24 hours and an 8 hr truce still leaves me unprotected for 2/3 of the day.

    I don't feel that everybody trucing will be for the benefit if the game, but there must be a way to level the playingfield a bit.

    I do understand that players that spend a lot, will have a big advantage. I don't mind that at all. But in all games i played so far there's a built in mechanism that protects lower level players.

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    This is basically a cash grab. There are no rewards for working hard at the game. You spend or you die. After about a year you catch a new server coming online and jump in, spend massively, and get big enough non spenders can't threaten you. Then you dominate the few comps they have, and talk crap in wc about how strong you are. No reason to fight or to develop the smaller players. Of course you can't grow and develop in a bubble. And there are really no strategic ways for small alliances or players to use guile against the spenders (who have no reason to learn such things). The game is basically get t-10 as fast as you can and at any cost. Because t-10 wins, period. The mere lack of anything resembling customer support shows that they are not intereted inlohh term player retention. It's just grab all the loot you can and get ready to release a new game to run a couple of years and do the same.

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