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Thread: Recover my account

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    How do I get my old account back? Sir Chazman, 1005, #168519551

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    I tried to link my account to google, but did not know my husband had linked his account. Please can you help my regain access to my account.
    Player name Gmbl2
    Player ID 178857812

    I had to create a new account
    Player id =182183535
    Player Name=Monarch182183535

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    Ajutați mă va rog să Ómi găsesc contul vechi, va rog

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    I need my account recovered. 183578450 is my new monarch ID. My player name is Syziphus and monarch id was 169629302 .

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    hello, I lost access to my account because it was unlinked from the Google play account (Deathcubek/
    My ID is: 174098699
    Name: Lady'Lucifer
    I hope I can get it back, it just lets me start a new game and that account it is important for me.

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    Account Recovery

    Hello I lost my Facebook account, and now lost my Evony game log in..

    I made a new account Monarch 185553630 on server 954

    My account that I can not log into is Smoking BBQ on Server 954 ID is 184603042

    Please help. Server war is upon us and I will get destroyed if I can not log in
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    I lost my account ID 121892517 and i mad a new game account on same server how i can back to my old account please

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    [QUOTE hunterPB02 lost my account ID147435159 and i mad a new game account on same server how i can back to my old account please[/QUOTE]

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    Paliz hallp me my old account number not active

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    Account Recovery
    Help I lost my account, it was not linked and I had to restart the app. Old ID: 180202344
    Name: Annemaei
    Server: 1073

    New account
    New ID: 186486115
    Server: 1073
    Pleasehelp me.

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    I lost my account, it had no links to Facebook or Google play

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    Recover my acc

    Hi i lost my phone and i forgot gmail and password of my account please help me

    My user ID:176158297 please switch it to my current new account ID:186958831

    Kindly responce ASAP


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    I lost my account, I forgot the password to my account.please help me to get my account back
    ID 171542259
    Hope you can response me as soon as possible.

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    Please help? My app froze and I needed to delete and reinstall. My account was not linked and I cannot recover. Can you recover?
    ID 141486122 Laird of MaJ
    Now using ID 187059698 Laird MaJ 2
    Many thanks.

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    I lost access to my main account please help recover I created a new one until I get my old one back I put a lot of time and effort in my old one please help
    Main account ID 190115016 transistorx2
    Current account ID 190255221

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