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Thread: Recover my account

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    Hi please help me i lost my account because i rebooted ny phone

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    My account was stolen and I'm unable to login, account name is samled, ID number is 102905327.

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    My app stopped popping up Windows correctly so I couldn't continue without reinstalling and now my account is gone. I had a city called Thistlewolf level 15. I think my alliance name was TRK.
    My new ID is 195493166
    It was also connected to my Google Play account under the name Vorken Thistlewolf.

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    I urgently had to change my phone and now I have lost my account on my phone.
    Who can help me?

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    Помогите востановить доступ . При смены аккаунта основной ушел и не могу вернуть .

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    ID165907949 это мой аккаунт как вернуть доступ

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    I'm writing in desperation , I no longer have access to my main account! I have thousands of US dollars invested in that account and I need your help to reconnect to my account
    Old ID
    ID #141189841

    New id

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    Game installed and account not linked.
    Kingdom name: Dawgolin
    Alliance: LoV

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    Perdí mi cuenta no vinculada por cambiarme de móvil!!ahora me descargo el juego y empezó de 0.. necesario recuperarla como sea! alguien me puede ayudar?

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    Merhaba hesabım çalındı e postama erişim sağlayamıyorum lütfen yardımcı olun

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    I am log out my account two days back. I have sent many mail to Evony team but I have not get access to my account yet. pls access me to my account. I have sent all data you need to recover my account. Pls 🙏 team tell me when I get access my account my id is 132889054 at Server 789

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    Unlinked Account

    Hi Admin,

    1 week ago i Unlinked and Deleted my Evony King's Return Apps, but i kind of regret doing that and i want to recover my Account kindly please help me. Thank you

    I am from Server 1208 and below is the details of my account.

    Server: 1208
    ID: 203080898
    Monarch Name: SaunaNoMore
    Monarch Level: 23
    Previews linked Email:

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