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Thread: Recover my account

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    Dear, it's not about the culture in-game, but the account 36823589 is created in DE, and account 48820878 is created in IR. To prevent account selling, we need to confirm more information. Thank you.

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    I realized.
    The problem is that I am in IR and because of the problems we have here sometimes I have to use vpn. The first account was created with vpn.

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    Dear, we have helped you to relink the account. Please kindly log in and have a check. Do forget to link your account to Facebook or Google Play/Game Center to prevent loss again.

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    Thanks for everything.
    I wanted to know if you can transfer my account to a new server (server 292)?

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    Dear, we could not transfer players' progress from server to server. As it's unbalanced when a strong player goes to a server full of new players. Hope that you could understand. If you want to play on the new server, you could choose to start new progress.

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    Brother James, my account has been hacked, and I sent a mail, as well as remembering it, and there has been no response yet

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    I forgot to link my account with my google account and now i cant login in this account the id is 51168243 and the name BomberpiIot on the world 280 can you connect it with this account the id is 50793942 the name is Der Wächter
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    Dear, so sorry for the late reply. It seems that the account Der Wächter has a higher level than BomberpiIot. Do you still need to link BomberpiIot to account Der Wächter?

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    If you forgot your password or username, or you can’t get verification codes, follow these steps to recover your Google Account. If you think someone is using your Google Account without your permission, follow the steps to recover a hacked or auto clicker hijacked Google Account or Gmail.
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    Hi my name is Ricky Ireland and I went and lost my account that I paid money into and I would like to have it retrieved I had to redo my phone and try to log into ebony but when I did it would say to create a new account but I could not get my old account back so I made a new account by reading the forums and the new account is ID number 62299752 I'm on server 401 and it's monarch 62299752. my old account is in server 295 alliance THO level 19 name is Sweet Mi Suk ID number 57 591362 and she's located at x703 y668 I hope you can help me out before the server wars come so I could be able to protect the city thank you very much.

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    Cant log into my original account after server update

    Account im trying to recover is ID 60134113. My new account ID 62394140. Im in same server right now as the account im trying to recover. I have my Facebook linked to my new account. I can provide any purchase history if needed

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    Hello I already message using ticket but still I will message here. Sorry for being persistent. My account lost last friday nov. 6 2020 I can't open it and it doesn't link on any account. I was instructed to make new account on same server and link it on Google or Facebook. I already did. My lost account info is
    •_ sH!n<•
    ID 59038400

    Thank you

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    And my new account ID is 62644560 server 382 and already link it in my gmail account.

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    Hi James would you be able help me please I have the same problem I can log in to my account . I dont know what to do I have all the info send already to support.
    Please would you be able to help

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    Salve james potresti aiutarmi una player che sta nell'alleanza con me nn riesce più ad entrare nel suo castello ..e ha ricominciato d'accapo, purtroppo nn ha collegato ne facebook ne Google play...con ID riesci a farle riavere castello di nuovo..

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