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Thread: Recover my account

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    I lost my account got a new phone can u help

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    I need help getting my account back

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    My old I'd on 816 server is


    (ABR) Arnav 01

    Which I lost

    Plz help me to get this

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    Recent am pierdut cont. Mă conectam la cont cu Facebook. Doresc să reintru în posesia acestui cont.
    ID 94520889
    Server 564,cred.
    Vă mulțumesc.

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    i used to played o server 64 but lost access to my account. Can You help me recovering it?
    name was єllíє �� ID 16073859
    Thank You

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    Hi my is 132553586 sarvar 787 monarch name S∆tyay kep level 21
    And my fecebook user
    id 10225883847626902
    Link by 3 October 2021
    So I m Cheng my mobile and game new instilled and open start new game leval 3
    And trying recover my old ac. I go to settings linked ac. Go to Facebook but not open old ac. But overred new ac. Leval 3
    I am refresh game switch ac. But open lavel 3 ac.
    How to recover my old k21
    So please help help help help help help help

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    I lost my account when linked
    My old account
    ID 124195806
    Server 737

    My new account
    ID 154850872
    Server 737

    Please help me to back in my old account


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    I lost my account when linked
    My old account
    Matrix Admin
    Keep level 26
    Server 532

    My new account
    ID 155045009
    Server 532

    Please help me to back in my old account

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    I lost my account when linked
    My old account
    Keep level 16
    Server 532

    My new account
    ID 155152690
    Server 532

    Please help me to back in my old account


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    Please I want to get my account back, I need your support. Lost account: 80504595

    New account: 155036291

    Please help, I want to recover my account

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    Hola, les escribo para que me ayuden, por favor a recuperar mi cuenta:
    Servidor 308,
    Albert 70,
    nivel 29,
    ID 85826218,
    Ingresé ayer (27/12/2021) por última vez y por un error desvinculé de mi correo

    Mi nuevo ID es 155225232 Albert-II, y lo he creado para contactarme con ustedes.
    Muchas gracias

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    I lost my account because my phone broke. I need to relink my account. My current phone (working) Monarch is 155419696. I am unsure if I used Facebook or one of my emails. Please help.

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    Recover my account
    Please let me log in to thé game again m'y id: 157227511

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    Hi, I have lost evony account. It was linked to a special Gmail id. starting like this "evonyaccount___(this I've forgotten)". I've made a new account just to message you people.

    I googled and now I'm here with the necessary details.

    Lost Monarch ID: 127476091

    Server: 757

    Lost Monarch Name: Zeπo (it's a Pi not 'n')

    New Monarch ID: 157680792

    I've also made some purchases if you need for confirmation.

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    Buenas quisiera saber su puedo recuperar mi cuenta por error la desvincule de facebook y al volver a instalar el juego me sale una nueva cuenta quisiera recuperar mi anterior cuenta que puedo hacer

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