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Thread: They stole from me and deleted the thread when I asked about it

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    They stole from me and deleted the thread when I asked about it

    Here's our conversation I screenshotted

    More on the way
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    I wish I could make more clearer pics so I can expose them for the lying thieves they are.

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    General summary of what happened is this, my game lagged when I was paying to finish a building upgrade with gems and it took my gems and said the building was right where it was before I used gems, so naturally I thought okay I'll reload the game, so I exited completely and reloaded the game, gems wasn't there and building still had the time on it... I also had same problem with the tavern and getting my gold which I have proof for and they said I'm wrong that it gave me my gold when I reloaded or whatever that it is automatically added, well assholes I didn't get it, trust me I checked.....

    So they kept asking same questions, what's the gold for what's this for what's that for, and I answered to the best of my abilities and they asked the same questions just worded it differently about 5 times, so I got a bit pissed off that they was jerking me around.

    And I asked what they are gonna do, will they help me or not, so today I check to see if they responded, they took my entire thread down and deleted everything we said. Unluckily for them I screenshotted the whole conversation just Incase they decided to pull some shady shit with me like they are known to fucking do.

    If anyone has a way for me to post these screenshots where they won't be removed and can be seen well let me know and I'll do that and keep posting a link and what happened with my situation...

    So evony "support" you have a choice pay me what u owe me and pay me one hell of a compensation for trying to fuck me over or I will keep doing this over and over and show the world what kind of people you guys truly are like

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    Actually I just want my damn money back because this is ridiculous and I've had it with your shit, so just give my money back, or I'll go to my bank and explain what happened and see what they can do, if I get my money back I'll let this go but I want you to be more fucking caring to the people your system screws over.....

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