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Thread: Lost account access

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    Lost account access

    Phone updated andre it deleted The app data on server 27 name noobie, New account created on server 39 as monarch13837375

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    Dear liege,

    Have you linked your account before? If linked, please use the linked account to keep the progress. Go to setting->account->switch account and log in the correct Google+ /Game center/ Facebook account, thank you.

    If it does not help, please let me know:
    1: Your old character name/ account id (noobie), monarch level, server.
    2: A new or current account id number on server 27.
    3: Screenshot of the Google/Apple receipt, which is important for the restore of your account.
    Best Regards,

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    1. Noobie, 9, 27
    2. Monarch13837375
    3. Dont know how to upload screenshot heretter, or exactly what you want screenshot of

    Did make a purchase for bounty cave
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    I paid for the bounty cave but couldn't access it for 3 or 4 days, is there anyway you can help me out with some of the lost gems?

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    Dear Liege
    Are you able to login your account now please? We can resend the missing bounty cave rewards to you. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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