Dear Evonians,

We have come up with some detailed rules about the Server War and we want to hear your voice on them! Feel free to comment under this thread!

  1. The Servers that have or have had a King are able to participate in the Server War.
  2. The system will randomly match two Servers to join a Server War, which means there might be one Server that cannot join the Server War.
  3. Players will receive free Server Teleporters to teleport to the enemy Server.
  4. A player must have a Level 6 Keep or above to go to enemy Server.
  5. A player cannot use Truce or Relic in the enemy Server, and will be teleported back if Walls HP reaches 0.
  6. Killing enemies, monsters in the enemy Server, as well as occupying the enemy Server's City of Throne can gain you Server War scores.
  7. The Server War rewards will be based on the scores and the victory Server receives much more rewards.

Best Regards
Evony Team