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Thread: Leader of alliance

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    Leader of alliance

    The leader of alliance has not played in over a week how can i become leader

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    Quote Originally Posted by KGrandma View Post
    The leader of alliance has not played in over a week how can i become leader
    Dear Liege
    Please tell us your server, alliance name, your user id and your alliance leader's in-game name. And then we will check and see if the leader has been absent for over a week. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    James I play on server 52 our alliance leader has not been on in a week the alliance isTTT Titans our alliance leaders name is elyssa my name is xKINGKONGx. My I'd is 15423268 if you would I'm a r4 put me in charge of alliance asap we haven't heard a word from her

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    James our leader of alliance is Elyzza she hasn't been on in a week we need to keep our alliance growing please help

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    Dear Liege
    Our admin told me that the game will change the leader position to another player if she doesn't login in the next 24 hours. So, we didn't do anything. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    change the leader

    Dear James.
    Our leader is inactive for a while and our alliance is in a bad situation. server 177. alliance violet lance (vio) and i'm CruelKingRam, ID: 29001388. so why won't you change the leader?


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    I accidentally gave leadership to an inactive player. Left my R4 in charge. I left alliance to figure out how to get back to leader. I had only been on gane for 4 days or so when it happened. Then my R4 told me she became leader asked her to give me back leadership. So can you help me. I worked hard to get where my alliance is. R4 is gsix I am Dusty Palace server 191, my alliance was DRG now she changed it yesterday to GRD. Please help me I have trying to figure out how and have not been on game that long.

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    James I have been on the game everyday since i started. So please help me. My players are strong and I picked them out when I first started the game..Thank you

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    Sorry my id #399456 I just joined here today to see if I can get some help.

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    Hello, please I joined an alliance and became alliance leader, i need help on what the duties of an alliances leader is
    And how to make my alliance grow and strong, thank you

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    We have the same problem. Our leader has been offline for a week and I would like to take over. We are server 231, alliance name Sparta (CZE). The current leader is mazalm.m and my user name is Karlous. Thank you

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    Hi, another inactive leader on Server 386, Alliance name; B0V, Leader name; B0V1CE (ID 59824140). Dusty bottmz (ID 59805676) is willing to take over. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The leader of my alliance hasn't been online in 5 days how can I become leader?

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    Hi I am on server 829 and alliance TNT the leader D3L0ng has been absent for a week. Could I be promoted to R1.
    my id 139294128 BilboBaggete.

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    Bonjour, la nomination d'un nouveau R5 en cas d'absence du leader actuel prolongée (1 semaine à ce jour) est-elle automatique ? En vous remerciant

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