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Thread: Evony customer support

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    Angry Evony customer support

    Why doesn't the customer care/support team at Evony get back to you after you have left messages since 27thApril 2017 and even left messages here on the forum customer help but no one has read them?

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    Buongiorno, non riesco a giocare, non riesco scaricare il pacchetto, la mia connessione internet funziona

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    Perfavore supporto Evony, desidero giocare, sono su il server 404,il mio nome Ť Malgasciorso, mail,nin mi fa scaricare il pacchetto, mi dice sempre magia nera e mi disconette, internet percontro funziona

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    Iíve also been waiting to hear back on an issue that is unresolved for me in the game. Customer service is virtually nonexistent.

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