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    I have sent Evony support a query regarding lagging in server 6. Its happening more often lately and it is affecting a lot peoples game play. I lost 400k troops. I tried to cancel a rally because not enough members could join because of system letency killing a lot if peoples troops. I sent a message to support via in game and the response was inadequate and unprofessional. No investigation was done and the case closed rather abruptly down even tho I was still talking.
    I have 65m power account which I have spent to date a total of 4800$. I have stopped spending because of this treatment and will be changing games. All this games are very similar and the difference is customers services. I hope you can look into my query and reply to me in the next few days

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    Dear Liege
    We are so sorry that we don't reimburse troops because of server lags or latency problem. We will investigate the server lag issue on server 6. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Dear James, thanks for the reply. Please tell me what do you guys do with mistakes by evony happening and costing us real money. 400k troops = $400. How do you expect us to spend anymore money while you guys as a company will not accept mistakes and when you do will not compensate . If you don't give back troops how about the 600 I spent last month. Of the thousands in the last few months. You guys are driving good memberships that spend away

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