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Thread: You have been disconnected because someone log in with your account

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    I’ve had the same problem but I forget my information! Rednecker is all I remember!

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    Have they even fixed anybody else’s problem with being kicked off by this reason or is this all a waste of time and money spent???

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    Heeeeelllloooooooo……. HELLLLP!!!!!

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    Hello same thing happened with me and since yesterday I can’t log in and my bubble will expire shortly.. kindly help ASAP

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    Evony not working

    Recently I have been having this thing pop up on my phone while I’m playing Evony saying “ youve been disconnected because someone login with your account. Please make sure your account is safe.” I don’t know how to fix it. Please get back to me and help. Thanks

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    Good day, yesterday i had got a error in the game "you have been disconnected because someone log in with your account", i have been waiting since yesterday , and problem not solve, i had checked my account it is not hacked, i have never gave my account to somebody, i haven't idea, what connecting with this problem, please help me. ASAP
    .Thank you for supporting

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    I’m having the same problem. My game name is River Otter I.

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    i have the same problem.
    my game name is: Sara 💫
    Server: 663
    please help

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    Do admins or support look at this post... is there any reason to post my details here?

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    Same issue here ingame name :Zeus911
    Many thanks in advance 'if' you can sort the issue out
    Playing Evony x Kong version 4.39.0 - have cleared for app on phone and awaiting downloads to complete as it loads my profile :Zeus911
    update- worked a treat
    Last edited by Zeus.; 01-23-2023 at 02:49 PM.

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    لدي نفس المشكلة

    اسم اللعبه: hamadh
    الخادم: 1225

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    لدي نفس المشكلة
    اسم اللعبه : hamadh
    الخادم: 1225
    ارجو أصلاح الخلل بأسرع وقت ممكن وشكرا.

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