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Thread: How can skill book replace

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    How can skill book replace

    Hello..I m updating my victor general by March speed level 3 skill book and I lost my level 3 luck skill book...How can it possible...Skill book replace...I spend 8000 gems for tht level 3 luck skill book...And Money for gems...Skill book can be replaced by it should be remain with us...I lost...It should not be happen..It should be with me..I want my luck 3 skill book back.

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    This is one of the unknowns of the game. The moderators who respond to emails using a ticket through the game have no answer either. The R4ís and R5ís in my alliance have no clear strategy to help either. You just cross your fingers and hope that it will replace a lower skill book. I do not understand the algorithm behind it. I donít think anybody does. Itís a very neglected segment of the game. Iím assuming that any clear criticism of the game which is intended to help improve the game was taken personally by either the moderators or the developers, or both. Quite immature behavior by both IMHO.

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    Skill books can replace the skill trees, but they are not a good idea. The problem is that they are limited. You can only choose one of them and it gives you a lot more options than a skill tree would have. The reason why I say this is because if you have multiple skills and you want to pick one of them, then it's going to be hard to choose which one you want. There are many sources that can be helpful in this regard. Skill books also take away from the immersion of the game because it makes everything look too easy for players who don't know how to play or understand what's happening in an actual battle situation (which is quite rare).

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