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Thread: Please link my phone account LV20 Monarch with Facebook account?

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    Please link my phone account LV20 Monarch with Facebook account?

    Hi~ I accidentally created a NEW account on my Facebook when what I meant to do was link my phone's account Server 343 Monarch Name MiniMoogle to my Facebook. The ID number from the Facebook account is 10164069787055075 and no matter what I do even if I edit and remove from Facebook, then try to link account to Facebook from phone it still says it wants to log me in to New monarch level 1. I want my Facebook ID (10164069787055075) to be linked to my phone, which is account ID 51996962, so that my phone is the PRIMARY Account (Level 20 Monarch MiniMoogle server 343 as PRIMARY).

    Can someone help me please?

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    Dear, do you mean you link your Facebook account to a wrong account? What's the account ID your Facebook linking to right now?

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    FB is currently 53261599 Named Monarch53261599 on server 348 (im sorry about this number: 10164069787055075 [ I thought that was the ID number for the user from facebook, because that is the number that FACEBOOK gives, but not the game.] so please excuse me.) My phone, is currently user ID 51996962 Monarch Name: MiniMoogle on Server 343 I WOULD LIKE MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO BE THE SAME AS MY PHONE. SO, BOTH my Phone, AND Facebook as User ID 51996962. PLEASE!!!!! Thank you very much~

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    Dear, sorry for this late reply. I have helped you to link both your Google Play account and FB account to your game account 51996962. The Google Play ID: g04321733962692509456 Google Info;
    Facebook ID: 10164069787055075; You could try to log in or switch the account and make a check. Thank you.

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