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Thread: Question for Evony users: Customer Support

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    Question for Evony users: Customer Support

    Has customer support actually helped anyone with anything ever? Have they ever fixed a problem? Im polling my server. I don't think it's as far fetched as you think that we could win a class action suit.

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    They have the absolute worse customer care that I have ever seen. I honestly don't think anyone at Wvony cares about their customers. They just want to see the money roll in from the coiners.

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    They are plain useless, take your money and fail big time when things go wrong.

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    I have had no luck with support

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    Support is automated as does not really ever get read by a human

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    And 50 thousand gems for a 7 day bubble will cost you 500 dollars, that's the most ridiculous thing ever. If you need to go on vacation, you will come back to everything gone. I'm sick of the prices

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    The last day CS responded to me was September 23. It's best to just contact Apple, the fix the problems evony losers won't.

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    The last time I got anything more than a form response was when the undead glitches about eight months ago. Since then it has been form responses and extrememly long wait times if anything is done at all. Most of the time I get we are improving the game please be patient.

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    Support should change its name to "suckport."

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    Make sure to have your entire alliance/ servers to complain about lack of CS to Apple/Google play/Amazon

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    Yep, they're pathetic. Always have been when it comes to support. Nothing gets done, or they do something that isn't even considered a compensation to a purchase with gems(like gives you the item instead of your actual gems back, when you need the gems not the item because the server screwed up and items were lost or bubbles were popped by it).

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